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Update on 3D Printing on “Mars”

The Habitat 3D printer was featured in a video for the New York Times that the crew recently filmed. The Daily 360 – Life on Mars: Get to Know the Crew HI-SEAS crew V has had fairly steady requests for new 3D printed designs for me to send them. The most recent was cookie cutters […]

New 3D Printer, New Project and New Mission

HI-SEAS mission V begins tomorrow (best of luck to the crew!) and I’ll be running a study on it. I’ll be continuing my work on 3D printing but I’ll be acting as remote support, doing the modeling and prototyping before sending the completed part files to the crew to be printed. This better represents the […]

Utility of Additive Manufacturing on Martian Analogs and Manned Mars Missions

Here is the paper I presented at the 2016 International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara Mexico – Utility of Additive Manufacturing on Martian Analogs and Manned Mars Missions. I’m currently exploring ways to continue this work.

Presenting at the International Astronautical Congress

I’m presenting a paper based on the 3D printing work I did at HI-SEAS at the International Astronautical Congress next week in Guadalajara, Mexico. My paper is titled “Utility of Additive Manufacturing on Martian Analogs and Manned Mars Missions” (I’ll probably post it up here at some point). My presentation is in the “Human Exploration of […]

3D Printing Garage Sale

With less than a week to go we are starting to pack up all our stuff. As part of that I put all the parts that I’ve printed and aren’t being used out on the table today and let my crew mates pick though them. As of today I’ve printed 715 indivisual pieces and many […]

Print your very own Martian habitat!

I completed a model of our habitat that I’ve been working on for a while. I uploaded it to Thingiverse, so people can print their own ( I’m also printing a bunch to give out for outreach.

Print my Martian Designs

I’ve begun to upload a few of the objects I’ve designed to thingiverse so that others can download and print them. I’ve stared with the items I think are most widely usable in normal life and I’ll be adding a some more over the next week and as new things come up.

Building model rockets at the office

This one is for you Peter. Now I just need a recipe for homemade solid rocket fuel.

3D Printing Update and homemade bao

As I’ve become more comfortable with the capabilities of my 3D printer I’ve increased to complexity of the objects I print. A few examples from the past month or so. About half are of my design and half are downloads from Thus far I’ve really enjoyed working in this area. Gears and gearboxes Toys […]

Having a 3D printer can make you do stupid things

The crew has been rotating though various crew roles (engineer, scientist, executive officer). I’m currently the XO so that puts me in charge of checking in with mission support a few times a day and general scheduling/logistics stuff. This afternoon one of my tasks was updating the toilet schedule for the second half of the […]