New 3D Printer, New Project and New Mission

HI-SEAS mission V begins tomorrow (best of luck to the crew!) and I’ll be running a study on it. I’ll be continuing my work on 3D printing but I’ll be acting as remote support, doing the modeling and prototyping before sending the completed part files to the crew to be printed. This better represents the style of operations a real Mars mission would use (compared to what I did on my mission).


Tier Time has very graciously supplied me with filament and two new 3D printers! I previously used the Up! Mini with which I printed close to 10 kg of plastic and always worked very well for me. Now I’ve been able to upgrade to the Up! Mini 2 (as well as a second one for the Hab). Excited to give it a try.


One comment

  1. Hi Zak, Congrats on the new printer.I’m gonna need that clip on thingy to hold my square for taking charge cards. We’ll have to talk and I’ll have Mike get involved for prints. I’ll bet you could market it once we figure it out. But only if you want a silly challenge like that.

    We haven’t played our game again yet. Hoping soon. Was so much fun. Thanks!

    xo willi



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