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Mission to Mars

Spent yesterday massacring marshmallow peeps and hanging out with a thousand 5th graders building Mars habitats.   The public schools here do a district-wide Mission to Mars project. I visited a handful of schools beforehand to talk about HI-SEAS, Mars and STEM. They gave me a table at the convention center to set up a […]

Lockheed Martin Mars Experience

I spent two mornings this week volunteering at the Lockheed Martin Mars Experience. This is a traveling STEM outreach program that visits schools and museums across the country. The highlight of this is the virtual reality bus/Mars rover; the windows have been replaced with computer monitors and display a moving Mars landscape. It’s pretty slick. I […]

Print your very own Martian habitat!

I completed a model of our habitat that I’ve been working on for a while. I uploaded it to Thingiverse, so people can print their own ( I’m also printing a bunch to give out for outreach.

Fish Name Contest Voting

The suggestions are in and the crew has selected our favorite 20, now they are going back to you for voting. Voting is open until next Friday (February 6th). Martha has a explanation of the candidate names up on her blog.

Name Our Betta Fish

For Christmas one of the presents to the crew was a small aquaponics set up. Aquaponics is like hydroponics in that you grow plants without soil and instead use water to transfer nutrients, but adds fish into the mix to supply the nutrients rather than having to artificially add them. So now we have ourselves […]

Why do we need spacesuits

Sophie ( made a great outreach video about why we need space suits on Mars.

Outreach Video #1

We filmed a video over the weekend answering some questions we got about HI-SEAS and Mars in general from an elementary school in Arizona. It gives a bit of an overview on what we are doing here, which I haven’t managed to cover yet (but will in more depth at some point). Thanks to […]