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StarShipSofa Interview

Interview I did with Tony Smith of the Hugo award winning podcast StarShipSofa about my experience living on “Mars” – Realized this week that I’ve been back on Earth longer than I was on “Mars,” a bit of a strange realization.  

Video of our exit day

Just saw this and wanted to share this very well filmed and edited video from our exit day by ‘Ena Media Hawaii.

We’re in Vice

We just had an article about us published in Vice as part of a series about space analogs.

A couple new media pieces Interview about us on BBC radio 4. We are about 8 minutes in apparently

Article in The New Yorker

New article about HI-SEAS and human exploration.

More Interviews

Another interview mostly discussing our communication delay and the app we are using to send delayed voice messages, text and picture. Part 1 Part 2

New interview

I did an interview with a reporter from last week about life inside a plastic dome.

Information week article on communication and isolation

An article Martha and I did an interview for:

NBC news segment

We had a segment air about us on the Nightly News tonight on NBC that we filmed for back at the beginning of November. The New York Times and now NBC; pretty cool to be getting mainstream media coverage. Q&A

We did a Q&A with Check out the Article.