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3D printed iPad wall mount and a couple of reasons 3D printing is cool

We have a couple older spare iPads sitting around from the last mission and I got the idea yesterday afternoon that we could use one to monitor our sensors/power. We constantly monitor our power so that we have enough to make it through each night using just our batteries. I thought always having it there on […]

Merry Christmas from Mars

The Mars version of 12 days of Christmas – Clearly we are a bit lacking in singing ability and also wanted to get it done it one take, so you’ll have to take what you can get. Props to Neil for the filming/editing. The hab is decorated and I made 3D printed star for […]

More 3D printing on Mars

I’ve made some good progress with my 3D printing. I’m starting to make some useful objects rather than just printing stuff for its own sake or to try to test some characteristic of the printer (though I’m still doing that as well). Reuleaux tetrahedron – this was really a test of how well the printer […]

First 3D Print and New Spacesuit

I got my 3d printer up and working today. A huge thanks to Made in Space ( for designing, printing and sending me the replacement part I needed. They have been helping me me get set up for 3d printing on simulated Mars since they will shortly begin printing on the international space station. I […]

This is pretty much my life at this point

This is pretty much my life at this point. The internet block/delay came into effect a few days ago. The system simulates the communication delay that would occur due to the vast distance between Earth and Mars – up to 250 million miles when they are in opposition to each other (on opposite sides of […]