Presenting at the International Astronautical Congress

I’m presenting a paper based on the 3D printing work I did at HI-SEAS at the International Astronautical Congress next week in Guadalajara, Mexico. My paper is titled “Utility of Additive Manufacturing on Martian Analogs and Manned Mars Missions” (I’ll probably post it up here at some point). My presentation is in the “Human Exploration of Mars” session ( 2:45 on 9/27/2016 in the Tlaquepaque room, for anyone who might be there) and I was a bit intimidated to discover that I’m presenting just a couple people before Dr. Buzz Aldrin is going to discuss the Aldrin cycler. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a handshake at least.


The other exciting thing that will be happening at the IAC is Elon Musk’s revel of more details on Spacex’s Mars plans/new rocket architecture. He’s been teasing this talk since the January so I can’t wait to see what he has to say. The talk will be streaming live  on September 27th at 1:30 central time.

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  1. Mike Bigger · · Reply

    Hey Zak, Thanks for the update on your upcoming presentation. I hope it goes splendidly, and that you indeed get that handshake. Thanks as always for spending time with us when you’re in town. I know that you have a lot of people wanting to see you, and that we fall into the old fart/old school category, boring but almost family…. It’s always good to hear about your life and projects. We’ll be thinking of you.



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