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3D Printing Update and homemade bao

As I’ve become more comfortable with the capabilities of my 3D printer I’ve increased to complexity of the objects I print. A few examples from the past month or so. About half are of my design and half are downloads from Thus far I’ve really enjoyed working in this area. Gears and gearboxes Toys […]

Name Our Betta Fish

For Christmas one of the presents to the crew was a small aquaponics set up. Aquaponics is like hydroponics in that you grow plants without soil and instead use water to transfer nutrients, but adds fish into the mix to supply the nutrients rather than having to artificially add them. So now we have ourselves […]

Ridiculously Epic Dinner

The inability to get a burger and fries here has been getting to me. One previous attempt was made at it but our ingredients aren’t really conducive to either of those. I decided the next best option was BBQ beef and chicken sandwiches with tater tots. The problem comes when you have to make everything […]

Merry Christmas from Mars

The Mars version of 12 days of Christmas – Clearly we are a bit lacking in singing ability and also wanted to get it done it one take, so you’ll have to take what you can get. Props to Neil for the filming/editing. The hab is decorated and I made 3D printed star for […]

Italian night

Well tonight was my night to cook and I settled on spaghetti and meatballs (arrabbiata since this crew like everything spicy). I pretty much never even attempt Italian; when you have Italians in the family it hardly seems worth it. Not quite up to their standards but for Martian food it will do. The sauce […]

A Martian Thanskgiving

A number of people asked about our Thanksgiving plans so here is what we came up with. Menu: Turkey with roast veggies stuffing (two kinds) gravy bread green beans mashed potatoes succotash cranberry sauce out of dried cranberries sweet potatoes with homemade marshmallows All in all pretty standard Thanksgiving fare I suppose. Turned out great, […]

Shelf Stable

When I say our food is shelf stable, I’m not kidding. Instant freeze-dried Indian food

Martian Food

I worried a bit about the food that we would have here on Mars in the lead up to the mission. The food at MDRS (where I did my previous Mars mission) left something to be desired and the first mission at this habitat was a study looking at the palatability of food for Mars […]

This is pretty much my life at this point

This is pretty much my life at this point. The internet block/delay came into effect a few days ago. The system simulates the communication delay that would occur due to the vast distance between Earth and Mars – up to 250 million miles when they are in opposition to each other (on opposite sides of […]