Building model rockets at the office

This one is for you Peter.


Now I just need a recipe for homemade solid rocket fuel.


  1. Your escape plan?


    1. Maybe if I print a couple hundred.


  2. There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting caught by your boss while building toy rockets at work! Don’t think that thing will get you back to Earth though.


    1. Mine was pretty excited.


  3. What fertilizers do you have handy? The oxidizer is the hard part. If you’re out of fertilizer and feeling exceedingly bored, you could probably make perchlorates, but unless you have a competent chemist handy I’d be reluctant to trust the results.

    Do you have a nozzle? You could probably print one, but you might have better luck printing a mold and making one out of clay or concrete.


    1. Our chemical supply is pretty limited so I think it is going to be tricky. I’ve read a bit about potassium nitrate/sugar motors but I don’t think we actually have any potassium nitrate. I agree printing a nozzle mold is probably a better option. This is all pretty academic since I don’t want to litter the area with shattered bits of ABS, tracking these down after launch would be pretty much impossible here. Maybe when I get out.


  4. […] on 3D printing, designing and printing more than 730 pieces when they needed spare parts (or model rockets). 3D printing what is needed, instead of packing anything that might be needed, can cut down on […]


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