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Exit Plans – T minus two weeks

With just two weeks left on Mars the plans for our exit are starting to firm up. We will be exiting the dome on the morning of June 13th after 241 days in isolation. First order of business is a breakfast of all the fresh foods we’ve been missing for the past eight months along […]

Facebook update

I just discovered that my blog hasn’t been cross posting my blog posts for a number of months. A few highlights of what I’ve been up to while I’ve been on “Mars”: We’ve gotten a lot of media coverage – Vice, BBC Radio 4, Material FM, The New Yorker, Vox, Tech Times part 1 and […]

Habitat Interior

Playing with some new photo stitching software (Microsoft Image Composite Editor) which finally allowed me to give a good overall view of the habitat interior.

Habitat Tour

Well this has been a long time coming (162 days to be exact) but we finally did a video tour of our habitat. Some photos of my room to go along with it:  

120 days down, 120 to go

The half way point of the mission is today (and we are now the longest Mars analog mission done in North America). It is pretty hard to believe. Due to all the research projects going on here many of my activities are tracked (I’ve also tracked some on my own out of personal interest). A […]

Meet our fish, Blastoff McRocketboots

The votes are in and counted: Blastoff McRocketboots – 27.9% of the vote (congratulations to Heather Stoneham’s kindergarten class) Marvin – 12.8% Rover – 9.3% Total votes: 122 Not a bad looking house if you ask me.

Mission Patch

We got a mission patch designed, as the mission was beginning, and the finished product just got delivered. They turned out quite nicely. There is one symbol to represent each of our individual research areas. Clockwise from top: Jocelyn – Brain/puzzle, to represent her research on stress, sleep, exercise, etc. Sophie – Tensegrity robot, for […]