Snow on Mars

The summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea had a blizzard watch last night and we woke up to snow on the summits this morning. About as Christmas like as you could possibly expect on fauxMars/Hawaii.


Sorry for the poor quality photo; it is hard to get good shots out of our window.

Happy holidays


  1. Brad Butrym · · Reply

    Merry Christmas from Earth!


    1. Thanks Brad, hope all is well in San Diego.


  2. Sending wishes for a Merry Christmas with your space family. We have missed you! Remember that we love you as you ruminate on your old earth days. All our best, mike & willi


    1. Thanks guys, Merry Christmas to you too.


  3. Lynn Balawejder · · Reply

    Have a wonderful Christmas.Loved the 12 days effort.We’re in DC with the family.No snow on the mountaintops-it’s in the 50s !


    1. Thanks Lynn, Merry Christmas! We are just getting started for the day. I’ve got cinnamon roll ready to go in the oven once everyone is up and then we are going to open presents.


  4. Lynn Balawejder · · Reply

    You made NBC news tonight ! A brief feature about the Mars simulation.


    1. Thanks Lynn, just posted a link to it.


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