Day 1 Down

This was our final few minutes outside. DSCN1384

Today was the first full day in the habitat and it was a long one. We spent most of the day inventorying all the food that we have so far, some things we’ll be getting resupplied during the mission and others we already have all that we should need. We scanned in over 500 types of food into our inventory system.


We also had a short first EVA to go out and check on the habitat in preparation for tropical storm/hurricane Ana which is supposed to pass to our south Friday night/Saturday morning.



Tomorrow should hopefully be a bit more mellow and we can get the rest of our equipment set up.


  1. Erik Hofvander · · Reply

    I only have one question. Who is buried in grants Tomb?


    1. The Green Hornet, duh.


      1. Erik Hofvander · ·

        I thought you guys had a 40 min round trip delay? ARE YOU ACTUALLY NOT ON MARS? IS YOUR WHOLE LIFE BUILT ON LIES?


    2. We will, the network here is complex enough that they didn’t manage to get it set up with all our electronic devices before we started. Should start having the delay in a day or two.


      1. Erik Hofvander · ·

        Will you do an in depth on the 3 D printer and hardware you have later? I’ve been getting way into controls and embedded lately and would be interested to see the tolerances you guys will be playing with.


      2. Yeah I will, though I bought an off the shelf printer (an Up Mini) so I might not be messing with that stuff much. You know I’m not much of a controls guy anyways.


  2. Keep the pictures coming. Really happy and proud of your endeavors for the benefit of mankind…P.S. I know I see srirachas bottles and span cans in there. Bravo


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