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Snow on Mars

The summits of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea had a blizzard watch last night and we woke up to snow on the summits this morning. About as Christmas like as you could possibly expect on fauxMars/Hawaii. Sorry for the poor quality photo; it is hard to get good shots out of our window. Happy holidays

The Great Outdoors

I got to spend an hour outside today, and by that I mean I spent an hour sweating in a plastic suit. We don’t get out much, we’ve been in the dome for slightly more than a month and before today I had been outside for perhaps half hour total over the course of a […]

HI-SEAS gear

HI-SEAS III mission gear available at

Day 1 Down

This was our final few minutes outside.  Today was the first full day in the habitat and it was a long one. We spent most of the day inventorying all the food that we have so far, some things we’ll be getting resupplied during the mission and others we already have all that we should need. […]

Morning View

Slightly distracting view on my morning run at Hawaii Volcanos National Park

We spent our first night in our new home last night

We spent our first night in our new home last night.     On the drive up First impressions: The habitat is 36′ in diameter and about 20′ tall. The habitat seams generally well laid out, about half the square footage is in the form of a large multi-use room with full 20′ ceilings so it […]

T-minus 6 days

I made it to Hawaii and we are in training for the week before we head into the dome on Wednesday. We’ve been staying at a beautiful ranch in an environment that couldn’t be more different than where we are heading. I had a great last week at home before flying here and I’ve been thinking […]