Merry Christmas from Mars

The Mars version of 12 days of Christmas – Clearly we are a bit lacking in singing ability and also wanted to get it done it one take, so you’ll have to take what you can get. Props to Neil for the filming/editing.

The hab is decorated and I made 3D printed star for our little Christmas tree.

IMG_2569IMG_2562 IMG_2585

I also 3D printed some cookie cutters a couple days ago and we made Christmas cookies yesterday.


The summits of Mauna Loa (the volcano we are on the side of) and Mauna Kea currently have a blizzard watch though we aren’t expecting a white Christmas.

Crew Christmas

Merry Christmas from Mars


  1. WHERE did you get the pattern for that fantastic star? It is a perfect, classic, “Red” star of the type one would see atop the spires of the Kremlin or such. Great stuff….


    1. I got it from Thingiverse, which is my go to for stuff I don’t need/want to model myself – It was the first part I’ve done much finishing work to. I spent probably close to an hour gluing the two halves together, sanding and then wiping it was acetone to give it a nice shiny finish. Then I drilled a hole in the bottom (it isn’t solid it just has some ribs and stuff to help it print) and put one of the xmas lights in the middle.


  2. David Wilson · · Reply

    Hi Hab inhabs! Seasons Greetings. First- Thank you for your service and holiday sentiments! And, I really enjoy your creative applications with the 3-D printer… now, *that’s* fun stuff!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Best wishes,


  3. Happy Chritsmas, Zak. Now that you’ve done the star, what’s next – ornaments?


    1. I think we had enough stuff on the tree already, so I’m not sure what is next.


  4. Well played with the fireplace.


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