First 3D Print and New Spacesuit

I got my 3d printer up and working today. A huge thanks to Made in Space ( for designing, printing and sending me the replacement part I needed. They have been helping me me get set up for 3d printing on simulated Mars since they will shortly begin printing on the international space station. I made a quick trip to San Jose to visit Made in Space and they were able to give me an intro to the 3D printer I bought which allowed me to get started right away after getting the part I needed. It had been a frustrating week, unable to use my new cool tool for lack of a square centimeter of plastic that broke during shipping.

The first things I printed were a hook for the edge of our shelves and because I’m a huge Futurama/math nerd a die that appears in one of the Futurama movies for all of 5 seconds.





Both parts turned out great. The shelf hook fit perfectly. The die, which was really a test of the level of detail that my Up Mini can reproduce, had all but the smallest details come out perfectly.

We also got a new, more realistic simulated space suit. Our other suits are hazmat suits which work fairly well but aren’t nearly as cumbersome as the actual thing.


  1. Zak, this is very interesting! I am going to show this post to a class today. BTW, thanks to you and the crew for doing the Oct 28th video response to our students’ questions. I get so many follow up questions now about the sustainability-science angle of living inside a dome cut off from much of the world. Thanks so much from Salt River Elementary School!

    Quick question: Could a student send you a design idea for something? What materials could you print with, besides plastic?


    1. Angelo, you are very welcome.

      I’d be happy to discuss a few designs with your students. The printer I have can only do plastic, ones that can do metal are much more expensive. I’ve sent you an email.



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