A return home and sunset 

I went back to the hab today briefly. Walking outside the hab is still unnatural feeling after having to be in a space suit there for 8 months. It was strange to walk in. It has an interesting sort of dusty smell, that I assume it had all along but since I never left I never noticed it. All our personal stuff is gone but there are a few reminders that it was home for 8 months. The cooking schedule and reigning board game champion are still up on the white board. It was a good house and I’m going to miss it.  


After that we drove up to the top of Mauna Kea to watch the sunset. I’ve been looking at it everyday for 8 months so it was nice to see it up close and also get another perspective on Mauna Loa (and the hab which you can see from across the saddle) which was my home for 8 months but I never got a good view of.   


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