The votes are in and counted: Blastoff McRocketboots – 27.9% of the vote (congratulations to Heather Stoneham’s kindergarten class) Marvin – 12.8% Rover – 9.3% Total votes: 122 Not a bad looking house if you ask me.

The crew has been rotating though various crew roles (engineer, scientist, executive officer). I’m currently the XO so that puts me in charge of checking in with mission support a few times a day and general scheduling/logistics stuff. This afternoon one of my tasks was updating the toilet schedule for the second half of the […]

The suggestions are in and the crew has selected our favorite 20, now they are going back to you for voting. Voting is open until next Friday (February 6th). Martha has a explanation of the candidate names up on her blog.

We got a mission patch designed, as the mission was beginning, and the finished product just got delivered. They turned out quite nicely. There is one symbol to represent each of our individual research areas. Clockwise from top: Jocelyn – Brain/puzzle, to represent her research on stress, sleep, exercise, etc. Sophie – Tensegrity robot, for […]

Another interview mostly discussing our communication delay and the app we are using to send delayed voice messages, text and picture. Part 1 Part 2

We have a couple older spare iPads sitting around from the last mission and I got the idea yesterday afternoon that we could use one to monitor our sensors/power. We constantly monitor our power so that we have enough to make it through each night using just our batteries. I thought always having it there on […]

I did an interview with a reporter from last week about life inside a plastic dome.