T-minus 6 days

I made it to Hawaii and we are in training for the week before we head into the dome on Wednesday. We’ve been staying at a beautiful ranch in an environment that couldn’t be more different than where we are heading.

imageI had a great last week at home before flying here and I’ve been thinking a lot about the last things I want to do before I go in and what things I’m expecting to miss while I’m in.

Things I’m looking forward to:
Getting a taste of what living on Mars might be like
Getting to know my crew mates
Self-directed, independent research

Things I’ll miss:
Friends and family
Green things/seeing plants
Rock climbing
A run where I actually go somewhere (even if I normally end up back at home anyway)
Long showers
Normal food
Going to shows/mosh pits

Things I won’t miss:
Celebrity gossip
My computer asking to update Java/flash
Political ads


  1. Betty Ann · · Reply

    your list of missing things is bigger than what your looking forward to :{ still what an experience, bet you learn a lot about yourself


  2. I will be sure to include plenty of celebrity gossip in all my communications with you, because, dude, what you are saying just makes no sense! You think there are no celebrities on Mars?!?!


    1. I mean everyone on Mars will be a celebrity at first, gossip about them is fine as long as I’m one of them.


  3. […] My first post was about things I was looking forward to and things I was expecting to miss (or not). I thought I’d revisit this list with half the mission complete (italics are original items, new items are underlined). […]


  4. […] by. It’s been a fantastic experience and I’m so happy I got the opportunity to do it. My first post was about things I was looking forward to and things I was expecting to miss (or not). I revisited […]


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